So you've stumbled across this website, and have probably wondered how It came about and why It was developed to begin with. We have no Idea who you are and what you expect, so we'll do our best to give you some answers. Whilst the tools and resources available here can be used for so many different purposes that depend on one's needs, our aim Is to provide you with just about everything you need to locate Information and details about a given person or entity.

You may be wanting to get back In touch with a long lost friend, seek the services of an old employer, or If you are the actual employer, you may wish to perform a background check on potential employees prior to the recruitment process. Without the right resources on hand, we know how difficult It can be to obtain Information of this nature. By navigating through our website, you'll find that It caters to almost every aspect of the aforementioned details.

There are a lot of websites that provide similar content to ours and a lot more, but very few will collectively present It's content In a single resource- being a website like this. As such, we have hand-picked all third-party websites, tried, tested and checked them for their authenticity and published everything onto a single platform being www.dox.guru.

We solely rely on the services of third-party websites and do not host anything directly on our servers. Every link you click when performing a Lookup, will redirect to the service of the third-party website and It's that website that provides It's resources. As a result, full credit goes to the website(s) that allow us to keep functioning and provide you with the tools and resources you're after.

As you've just read, the term "we" Is expressed quite often. This Is simply generalized to give you a simple understanding of all terms, words and comments that surround It. To the contrary of "we", this website Is the work of myself, the author of this particular article, and everything relative to this website. I do not have an office, employees, nor any assistance whatsoever. I have created this site because of my love for Information via computational and technological gateways, and of course, my desire for computers as a whole.

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