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What Does Dox Mean?

The term "dox" or as some refer to It as "doxing" or "doxxing", derives from the word "documents" (docs), meaning It's abbreviated as dox. When It comes down to defining It's exact meaning, most online sources class It as a malicious act when In fact (when used In the proper context), It can be a very valuable platform to help obtain, analyze, Identify and verify Information about a person, organization or any given entity.

If you Google the word "dox", you'll read all sorts of negative documentation and articles that state It's used In an Improper and malicious nature, which Is not the case at all. "Anything" can be used maliciously If the Intent Is there. For example, a house key can be used to poke someone's eye out, a necklace can be used to whip someone across the face and cause Injury. Does that mean that these Items are classed as weapons? Certainly not. Doxing Is a pretty simple equation. When you perform a dox, It's all about "how" you obtain the Information and "how" you Intend to use the Information.

Is Doxing Illegal?

In short, no. Believe It or not, when you look In a public directory (such as a public phone book) to locate the telephone number of a person you wish to get In contact with, you're actually performing a dox. The same applies with online sources. Whether It be from a phone book or from the Internet, there's no difference In the "type" of Information you obtain, only the "gateway" differs. One Is physically and the other Is via a technical channel.

When you use a "public" gateway such as the websites listed on our site here to obtain details of a family or friend, there's absolutely nothing Illegal about It. The Information Is branded as public for a reason which Is quite obvious- It's made available to the general public. So how can such Information be Illegal?

So you can clearly see that the term "dox" has been blown way out of proportion, and that a lot of Individuals use It quite often without having any notion that they're doxing a given person or organization lawfully and all for the right reasons.

What Are Some Examples Of Doxing?

Law enforcement agencies, such as the police department, perform a dox almost everyday of their working career. When they pull over a motorist for speeding, they perform a license check. When they're after criminal apprehension, they use their resources to obtain names, addresses, phone numbers, etc that can help to Identify and arrest the person In question. If they're after the help of the general public, the police may dox a wanted criminal and then display his Information on public television In hope that someone will come forward and assist with their Inquiries. Does this define the police department's actions as malicious? Definitely not.

A civilian may perform a dox on a known pedophile using online sources, gather all sorts of personal Information and then, as a good samaritan, make the details public by handing them over to his local police office. The officers are just like you and I- public citizens except In uniform when on the job. The police can then further their Investigation with their very own dox to cross-check that the details handed over by the civilian are In fact true and correct.

Without knowing their actions are defined as doxing, a lot of employers perform a dox on potential employees to obtain Information about their work history (Inclusive of names, addresses and phone numbers), perform background checks for any criminal history and even go as far as obtaining medical records to see If they're fit for the job.

At the request of her children, a single mother may perform a public dox when trying to locate their biological father. She may use the assistance of public People Lookup websites to try and pinpoint the location of her ex-husband. Or she could perform a public Reverse Phone Lookup to confirm whether the person behind a missed call that she received, Is In fact the father of her children. With the Intention of her ex-husband to get In contact with her or their children, she may publicly post his name and Image on her Facebook Timeline, hoping that he'll view his details and reunite with his family. By no means Is there anything wrong with that. How many times have you publicly posted a name and Image on your Facebook profile?

Final Thoughts:

I'll let you be the judge of that. The next time you do come across the word dox, doxxing, or any other variant relative to It's abbreviation, have a think about "how" the Information Is obtained and "why" It's used. I know that If I was after a long lost friend who I haven't seen In quite a while, and wish to Inform him of an Inheritance that's come through In his name, I'd be using this very website here at to dox him via public online gateways using various Lookup websites.
There's certainly nothing wrong with that, Is there?

I hope I have clarified the misconception of doxing that's floating around most websites. A lot of these sites simply Google the definition, obtain It's meaning from another site that's put very little thought Into It, and publish It thereafter.  I tell It "the way It Is", and not how I see It. That's what makes different from the rest.